I am on level 418 and there is no way i will ever get out of it, please help me.

I am stuck on level 418, i know i am going to be stuck on it for weeks, and i dont want this, please get me off that level, i dont want to leave this game, i love it, but just one look at this level and i knew i was never going to do it, there is no fun on this level...please get me out of this...Please, please, please...


  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 4,399 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Gretta Ryan! Focus all your strategy in clearing the center 8 mystery eggs before the cyclone grabs them! After this you can focus on the jelly on the outside. 

    This video should give you an idea of how to use this strategy:

    Cheers :-)

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