I am stuck on level 418, and i dont like it..

I am stuck on level 418, i know i am going to be stuck on it for weeks, and i dont want this, please get me off that level, i dont want to leave this game, i love it, but just one look at this level and i knew i was never going to do it, there is no fun on this level...please get me out of this...Please, please, please.


  • Crusher18Crusher18 Posts: 1,286

    Hey Gretta. I found this tips that may help you to pass the level: 

    Open up the mystery candies  as soon as possible and hope for some goodies! Try to match the mystery candies before the tornado destroys them.

    Combinations are a necessity here due to the move limit, using them in the middle is best.

    Striped candy swapped with wrapped candy and striped candy swapped with a colour bomb combinations are always good for clearing jellies and chocolate, and you could hit the tornado as well.

    Check out this video too! 

    Good luck, I am sure that you can do it! 

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