Why aren't my star awards updated after you nerf a level to reduce the 3-star score requirements?

I am at level 920 and so get to try the levels quite quickly after they have been released.  However occasionally King revises the 3 star target score (which is sometimes set ridiculously high).  For example, in level 634 - I have over 201,000 points which originally was not sufficient for a 3-star score.  Because of complaints, the 3-star score has been lowered to 60,000 but even though I have played it over multiple times (and won with scores way in excess of 60,000), the starts awarded  have not changed to 3.  I am sure that you are aware of this and we (the ones who end up "testing" the new levels) do not appreciate not getting our star rewards updated according to the new rules.  Please let me know when you intend to correct this.


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 Level 3

    I just went back to level 634 after reading this and saw the change you're mentioning. I retried it and got 3 stars with 77,480 but at first it was still showing the 2 star I had earned before but with this new score. I reloaded my game and it's now showing 3 stars. 

    Is there anyone else who's had this or that can retry it?


    Hi.  After reading your comment I tried again.  It now works as you say on FB (didn't work like that before because I had tried multiple times both on FB and mobile).  Still doesn't work on mobile which retains the 2-stars.  Thanks for responding.

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    From what I have heard is that you keep the levels of starts that you achieved at the time. So for example if they lowered the points needed and the points that you scored would equal to another star, this would not change because it always remains as the number of stars that you earned at the time of playing. If you want to gain another star, you will need to play the level again and earn the required number of points. I hope this makes sense :S haha!

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