Color bom and wrapped candy do now work in the normal way on level 377

I have been stuck on level 377 for two months now. One thing that I noticed is that when I match a color bomb with a wrapped candy, the app does not turn all of the candies of the same color as the wrapped candy into wrapped candies and explode them. If the wrapped candy is  purple, green or yellow (the target candies), it adds them to my completed candies. It should turn all candies of the same colors into wrapped candies and explode them - like it does on all other levels.

Can this please be fixed?

Thanks, Bill

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  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900

    Can't say that I've ever come across that before, could you record a video and share it with us?

  • How would I go about doing that? W8.1 or W7 system.


  • Since no one answered my question, can I make a video with my phone and upload it somehow? I do not know or want to make a youtube video and I have no idea what a Vimeo is.


  • Bill_ProvencherBill_Provencher Posts: 14
    edited May 2015

    Hi, me again. Still on level 377. I noticed tonight that when I match the color bomb with a striped candy that is the color of one of my target candies, all it does is move all of the candies of that color to the total without turning all of the same color candies into striped candies and exploding them. It works okay with striped candies that are not the target color.

    How do I make the video?


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