All "booster candies" disappeared after logging in on new phone

hi - I just got a new phone and logged in on my old phone with my email so that my progress was saved.  However, when I logged in on my new phone all of my "booster" candies (coconut wheel, hammer, switch, fish, color bomb, etc etc ) disappeared (some of which I paid for).  I also had 2 lives that were sent to me but have now disappeared.  How can I get these back?  It seems ridiculous that all of the time I spent earning these was for nothing just because I got a new phone. 


  • RangerFanRangerFan Posts: 3

     Try clicking on settings and then restore purchases. 

  • LegalchefLegalchef Posts: 4

    Thanks - I saw that as a potential solution in a different post but when I go into settings the only options I see are for changing my email address and password.  Am I missing something?

  • Joris_ElinckJoris_Elinck Posts: 3

    "restore purchases" didn't work for me to (I switched also from one device to another) 84 boosters lost

    King won't find a solution,the booster info is stored into you're current device and can not be transfered to the new device

  • LegalchefLegalchef Posts: 4

    Ugh, that sucks. It's a shame that King doesn't care enough about its customer's time/money to find a solution, or even to make it possible for people to contact them directly about getting money back or something. 

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