I just upgraded my phone from a Samsung Galaxy s4 to a Samsung Galaxy s6 and have lost all boosters

TweetyTweety Posts: 1

And extra lives despite syncing through Facebook and creating a profile through the game itself. I am on level 781 and have worked very hard and I don't want to lose them.  I still can go to the game on my old phone via WiFi but want everything on my new phone! Please help!  If this isn't fixable then I will be very disappointed.


  • Crusher18Crusher18 Posts: 1,286 Level 3

    Hi Tweety! If these are Boosters that you are bought you should be able to restore them. on the game home page in the bottom left side you will find the Settings and in the settings there is an option to "Restore Purchases" any Boosters that you have bought should be in your account again :) However if these are Boosters that you won, then you will need to win some more. Let me know how you get on.  

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