Gold Bars

I lost all my gold bars/sweets I had earned when I got a new phone?  How do I get them back?


  • Crusher18Crusher18 Posts: 1,286

    Hey HersheyHair1210-  If these are Boosters that you are bought you should be able to restore them. On the game home page in the bottom left side you will find the Settings and in the settings there is an option to "Restore Purchases" any Boosters that you have bought should be in your account again :) 

    However if these are Boosters that you won, then you will need to win some more. I have noticed a lot of challenges recently where you can win a lot more Boosters especially over the weekends- so keep an eye out on these.

    Sometimes the Boosters go missing after an update to the game, so be sure to remove the automatic updates on your device and only update the game once you have used all of your free goodies (just to be safe.)

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