Progress on Candy Crush reset to 1

I was on level 450 or thereabouts and was synced to my FB account. My FB account was closed due to using an alias name and I've been unable to reopen or close it down.  I've opened up a new FB account in my real name, but had to use my work email address. I've just synced my progress to get onto the next episode but it's taken me back to level 1. I've searched other questions, but can't find an answer. Help please. 


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900
    edited August 2015

    That's strange, have you contacted FB about this? They don't normally close accounts due to aliases, plus you have the possibility to change the name so that doesn't really make sense why they would block you for that.

    There is one thing you could try though, open a Kingdom account and sync your progress with details of your original FB account, it should hopefully still recognise the login even though you no longer have access and transfer your progress to your Kingdom account. Worth a shot if you don't get any joy out of Facebook.

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