I upgraded to IOS 9 and now its started from lvl 1. I was on lvl 1132. How do I get my lvl back ?

I upgraded to IOS 9 on my Ipad mini, unfortunately I didn't backup. I have been playing Candy crush saga for more than a year & reached level 1132. After the upgrade Candy crush disappeared from my ipad. And in the app store there was no upgrade. After I downloaded again it started from lvl 1. Can I get my lvl back instead of playing all the lvl's again from 1 ?


  • KingsPinnKingsPinn Posts: 3,526

    The first thing I have to say is why oh why didn't you ever save your progress. You can do it with kingdom or facebook! 

    If you didn't ever connect to either one of these then I'm sorry but your progress is lost :(

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