Level 1180 video tutorials

The video shown solving this level only gets striped candy or colour bombs from the surprise candy. I get far too many (mostly)packet candy, making the whole board explode within the first few moves. Something seriously wrong with this level, can't even get close, I have never had this kind of issue with any level before. Please fix ASAP!


  • KingsPinnKingsPinn Posts: 3,526

    Hey Mel, what are you playing on, is it a Kindle? I know that this level was changed recently (maybe you only need  to update your game if you have an iPhone for example) but if you're on a Kindle, I don't think its been changed yet, so maybe wait for the update and the level will be a lot easier to pass. 

  • I'm playing on an IPhone 6. Updated. Updates yesterday did not fix the problem. Now I'm getting chocolate and the stripe making pink candy as well. So frustrating. Can someone from King please confirm when this will be sorted out? The version of the games on You tube or on this forum are definitely not the version I have and it's impossible to pass!

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