Glitch: Shuffle occurs even with valid moves with frog?

When I play Level 1264 on mobile, there are so many swirls and a tiny board with a frog. Sometimes, shuffle "No more moves!" will occur even if the frog has a valid move. These are the valid moves:

- When the frog can match with candies.

- When the frog has a special candy on the side (where he can copy the special effect by swapping with the special candy).


  • KingsPinnKingsPinn Posts: 3,526

    I'm sure this is normal, I've seen it happen in other levels because I'm sure a valid move is 3 normal candies, so maybe if you don't have that then the board will shuffle. 

  • Yeah. It shuffles even if there are moves even with out the frog. This happens too often!

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