level 1306

The android and iPad version added one ingredient and dropped from 50 to 35 moves. This is now a pattern with them. 1306, and several more.  Guess that's the world of Wall Street. To remain honest, King needs to let people know this is turning into a "must pay to play". Disappointing as well as dishonest


  • RandleRandle Posts: 1,977

    Hey Komont12,

    Since the early levels there have been slight differences between some of the levels on mobile and on PC. Some of those levels were thought to be easier on PC whereas others were thought to be easier on mobile.

    Some of my friends are playing in the currently last episode and they claim they have never spent anything. At most, they used the free boosters they got. On YouTube you can find videos for all levels, even without boosters being used.

    Obviously, the further you get, the more challenging it gets. Yet your skills, vision, tactics and patience could prevent you from spending.    

  • I agree. Don't even think I can pass this level with several boosters. Only have an I pad so will be stuck for awhile. All the video help shows more moves and fewer fruit. Come on King fix this level for iPad!

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