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Gold bars refund

Why when I have gold bars in my account that when I accidentally hit extra moves after my level ends, and I don't want xtra moves, I'm I charged anyway and given no extra option to not buy them? This has happened at least 5 times already...I play on my smart phone and the screen often moves..coveinetly for you guys..and instead of quit the xtra moves option gets hit and automatically I'm charged.  This is a scam and we should be given the option to confirm our purchase. You people let this shit happen because you make 1000s of dollars from people making this same mistake. I should be refunded gold bars for this. Look at the levels where I made the accidental purchase, there's no way it's possible to complete the level w 5 more moves, there's no reason I'd have chose that option. 


  • Johnny_RyallJohnny_Ryall Posts: 3,867 Level 2

    My name is Johnny, I am a moderator here on the King Care site. Due to a technical error this post did not appear on the site.

    I apologise for this, rest assured this is being looked at to ensure that it does not happen again.

    If you still have a query then feel free to use the site for help or post your question again so our community can assist you.

    Kind regards,


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