I have been playing Candy Crush daily. Today the reward grid is gone. Where did it go?

CandymonkeyCandymonkey Posts: 3

I want my boosters for logging in 10 days in a row. What happened to the check off list?


  • HeatherPHeatherP Posts: 8

    Same issue here.  Have played daily but only received boosters for about 3 days.  Now the list is gone.  Disappointing.

  • CandymonkeyCandymonkey Posts: 3

    Highly disappointed! I've tried logging in & out as well as turning my phone off. Nothing!

  • Ralph-2Ralph-2 Posts: 1

    I have the same problem. The treat calendar disappeared from my iPhone this morning. This is very annoying.

  • Mine did the same thing!  I got to day 3 then it started over and I got to day 2 and next day it was gone!

  • CandymonkeyCandymonkey Posts: 3

    Today is still the same, no treat calendar, no rewards for my loyalty. Candy Crush is completely updated on my Android phone. I've logged in and out twice. I've turned my phone off & on. NOTHING. Why temp us with free goodies King? You clearly had no intention of coming through.

  • summeringsummering Posts: 1
    Where is a good answer
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