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Candy Crush Saga going slow motion !!!

Laysee_LohLaysee_Loh Posts: 5 Level 2

For the past 3 days, my Candy Crush Saga is going slow motion !! I click a move and it took ages to react !! At Level 1710 a timed level, it is impossible to play. I play on Facebook and King.com as well. Someone please help  !!!


  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 4,398 Level 3

    Hi Laysee!

    Try disabling any plugins and extensions in your browser. Also check what other programs you have running in the background while playing the game.

    I can also recommend that you use Google Chrome as it seems to run really well with Flash based games like Candy Crush.

    Cheers :-)

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  • Laysee_LohLaysee_Loh Posts: 5 Level 2

    Hi Combo,

    Thank you for your prompt response. I'm using Google Chrome. This is my personal PC which I've been using to pay games from King only. Check and clean up all that needs to be clean but it is still going slow motion. Funny thing is that all other games is good except Candy Crusha Saga. 


  • Laysee_LohLaysee_Loh Posts: 5 Level 2

    Instead of using Google Chrome I switched to Microsoft Edge .. now the game is working !!!

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