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candy crush saga level 2150-level 2165

Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

agree with all other posts.  CC really are taking the piss with this whole episode. too many changes being made to make everyone use all their boosters so that they will spend money.  games are supposed to be about having fun not money making machines. on level 2163 at the moment.   cant get anywhere near 10000 points never mind 45000points. this needs to be sorted.  levels are being rushed out too quickly without any quality control in the hope that they'll be ok.  king wait for all the players to complain before fixing anything.  get some decent quality control before you put levels out then there would be no complaining and everyone can enjoy the game.  getting fed up and another player that will be saying bye bye very soon


  • parlady99
    parlady99 Posts: 298 Level 3

    Gary, couldn't agree with you more.  The last group "Dainty dunes" was enjoyable.  Tricky but ones that can be completed without having to use all your boosters.  Now Pastry Peaks levels suck.  I find it interesting that CC has not responded on these levels or have we seen videos with the new lower levels unless they have used boosters.  We have made it this far so we don't mind hard levels; but we want ones that are reasonable. 

  • Tracy-7
    Tracy-7 Posts: 368 Level 2

    I agree as well. I am REALLY pissed about this episode, and I am  letting them know !!! I have been stuck on 2163 since they made it harder. Can't get anywhere close, even with boosters. That is total bullshit and they know it, and you're right NOT A WORD FROM THEM on this one !!!  FIX THIS DUMB SHIT !!!! 

  • Tracy-7
    Tracy-7 Posts: 368 Level 2

    I just played 2163 again ! Used all my boosters again, and still only managed 29,000 at the most. I seriously cannot pass this level, and it really pisses me off that the actually tweaked it to make it harder then it initially was. Really isn't fair. I don't want to quit this game after so many years of playing, but if you can't pass, you can't pass. I don't think CC cares much about their players anymore. Like you said, they won't even answer anyone about this episode, and now they won't even let me post here. Last post never made it through the moderator, so they're going to block the pissed off people too I guess. Booo Candy Crush

  • Former_User
    Former_User Posts: 0 Newbie

    Just quit playing.  I'm stuck on 2157 and I play maybe for 10 minutes per day.  I'm actually getting a lot more done and enjoying life more.  Seriously folks, tell them to eff off by not playing.  I suggest playing sudoku online.  There is a free web version with levels from easy to evil.  Every game is winnable as long as you're good enough.

  • rmur23
    rmur23 Posts: 125 Level 2

    Yup, won't get any action from me unless 2163 is fixed.   Thats what they get for being so difficult.

  • Banished
    Banished Posts: 82 Level 3
    edited December 2016

    Level 2163 has now been changed once again. It is 90,000 points in 40 seconds but the addition of trapped color bombs in the lower section have been added. Along with the marmalade and licorice swirls it is hard to unlock them. I haven't had any luck as of now. We will see soon. From what I can tell I unlocked 3 of the color bombs but did not meet the score limit and there are 5 color bombs. I am guessing that all five need to be unlocked to get the score up to the 90,000. I could not do this in 40 seconds.

  • Tammy_Kory
    Tammy_Kory Posts: 435 Level 3

    Did you all notice what they have done to hide our complaints?  They mark it as duplicate, send it to a blanket answer, and won't let anyone comment on it again! Says "no more answers can be accepted for this question" or something to that effect.  I really think they want us loyal players to leave because we know the tricks they are playing!!!  Ugh

  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 1,987 Level 5

    Level 2152 is designed so if the ingredients drop into the bottom left or right slot, which they often do, they cannot be moved without using a hand switch. Very convenient way of making you use boosters. Level 2153 is a joke. No wonder I now only play occasionally !!

  • Bruce_Hayward
    Bruce_Hayward Posts: 80 Level 2
    edited December 2016

    I keep asking myself "why am i still here" ?.  I am afraid the answer is simple. In my early days of playing Candy crush, i did purchase Boosters & in the back of my mind i have made an investment in this Game & do not want to loose that investment. 

    I have finished Level 2180 which is the last 15 levels. You will not need a truckload  of Boosters, you will need a trainload of them.

    What i find troubling is the ease & speed that easy levels are made harder but impossible ones do not get attention until many many days later. The answer is obvious, It`s revenue gathering. 

    Also,  i went back & replayed Level 2163 & i can hardly recognise it as the level i played recently. 

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