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Level 2383 won't even give me enough licorice to succeed

Kndrdwn Posts: 3 Newbie

I've spent countless lives and a 2 hour unlimited lives prize trying to get through this level. Every time I've gotten the licorice to fall it never falls enough to even complete the level. I've had 15 moves left when the licorice falls and still end up 6 licorice short. This is getting a bit ridiculous. 


  • Baz_James
    Baz_James Posts: 861 Level 3

    As I don't play on Android I can't say that there isn't a problem specific to the platform but in general the design is such that the licorice fall rate depends entirely on the speed at which you match and dispatch those on the board. I've never had any difficulty whatsoever and just replayed the level and was able to complete it despite only releasing the licorice with 6 turns left. If you want further help I would suggest providing a video recording of a game or two so that we can compare our experience of the level.

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