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Map level symbols are solid gold now after 2572

JaninesillatJaninesillat Posts: 80 Level 3

there are no special instructions but all the level symbols are gold now. 


  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,498 Community Manager

    Hi there- Thanks for posting on King Care.  Do you mean the Gold Crowns that are on some of the levels now?

    These Gold Crowns symbolize the hard or super hard levels in Candy Crush Saga :-) 

    We would love to hear some of your tips of how to pass those tricky levels! 

    Have a sweet weekend. 

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  • JaninesillatJaninesillat Posts: 80 Level 3

    No. I mean if you pass a level using only one life after level 2572, the level symbol turns solid gold. Fine. No big deal, but...they no longer pulsate when it's a special coin level, so, if you don't memorize which ones have the "c" candies to collect for boosters, you have to open each level to see if it's a collection level. Maybe they'll catch on and fix it in the next update. 

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