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Candy Crush crashing when I purchase gold bars and bonus packs. Didn't receive what I should have do

AitchAitch Posts: 93 Level 3

Candy Crush came up with the 'lost signal' and then crashed-has happened loads of times when I'm trying to purchase packs of bars and bonuses. I dread to think how much extra I've spent repeating the process-then discovering the first purchase did go through-but no bars etc for it???? Could somebody please help me as it's getting tedious. It's bad enough I 'have' to pay for the Piggy Bank smash-but how can I sit there and watch potential gold bars going to waste? 

I loved my free gift of the Candy Crush Monopoly set-but now it's getting beyond amusing...I'm fine spending hours scrolling for miles gathering sugar drops (the new UI ain't helping me with that either!) and collecting my l'il space ships etc. So when I come to spending hard earned dosh-what is going wrong?? 

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