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FAO Tony MC: I'm sure Dexter the whale has discalculia??

AitchAitch Posts: 93 Level 3
I've been completing Sugar Drop levels and Stripe Catching Sprees for ages and it's only just occurred to me recently that Dexter simply cannot add up accurately! I go on levels where I'm able to combine chocolate discs with stripes time after time, and Dexters response? Way out, approximately 35 to 40...when I have counted several times and have got to 130, for example, but Dexter awarded me with 38! So, is Dexter suffering from dyscalculia? or does only certain colour stripes count? Or, am I having to play loads more stripe filled levels because Candy Crush ain't calculating my stripe score effectively? Also, I've updated the Browser on our laptop, thinking that I'd try the Windows Candy Crush, but I'm on a much lower level on this version than my iPad or my iPhone. I thought that the Windows version was ahead levels wise? I've had a few problems with obtaining some of the gold bar packages in that I put my password in to purchase them and then something goes wrong and I get the 'oops' message but then have still had money taken from my account. I've had this problem before and Tony suggested checking everything was updated, I have done this and had no problem until recently. Any help or advice on this matter would be gratefully appreciated!Thank you for your time...and patience!Have a truly Wonderful Day, Helen x


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