I tried to post a note about the extension for Flash yesterday, but...

Cjay1997Cjay1997 Posts: 85 Level 3

I tried to post a note about extending the journey after episode 189 on Flash yesterday, but it was held by an "awaiting moderation" notice which likely prevented the question from posting. This sometimes makes me annoying.

Let's recall the things they're found within the post: there are players who don't have the access to further levels past 2825 because of device's compatibility, some features that is currently nonfunctional, and in my own view, 189 episodes is not enough and need the right time to think of its completion. If players noticed the background while playing a single level on HTML5, there are no proper backgrounds corresponding the specific story of the episode but recycled ones, only your workers had the real ones, as seen on a release announcement poster on FB page or Twitter.

I highly disencouraged about contents that make exclusive for experienced players when the new format is not fully operational yet.

That supposed request helps recover players enjoyment in this game, even if it's good for just a year.

Any help would be appreciated.


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