Candy Crush Saga - Screen freeze when using Boosters

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Hi guys,

I have seen several players mentioning that there's an issue when using a Booster in Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.

The guys in the Game Studio are aware of the issue and are currently looking into it.

You can help me out by letting me know which browser and OS you are using.

Please also let me know if this happened while you were playing a Sugar Drop level.

I'll update you as soon as I know more.

- Mark


  • Level 649, google chrome, and clearing cache did not work.  

    I have tried clearing the cache as well, plus 3 browsers - safari, chrome and opera. No luck. Hope they find a fix soon. It's ok on iPhone but not on computer.
  • Level 649, google chrome, and clearing cache did not work.  

    not a fix...please fix this started when game went down for an "up-grade" so obviously the program is at fault!
  • I'm on level 1825 , Google Chrome on Facebook , Laptop using windows 7 .... sometimes it will let me do level 1824 and then after a few seconds it gets the orange screen with the Ape .... I can play CC through internet explorer but it is a really old version and very slow .  Everyday I delete CC , clear browser , cache  , history , I do it all and still nothing helps ... since Feb.1 , I haven't been able to play , I can spin and everything except play the level .  I get a message saying error has occurred . It seems since King did that update Feb. 1 ... and now nobody can play with Google Chrome !!!  Please help !!!  There is millions of people affected by this , please fix !

    I don't know what happen but after 7 days my Candy Crush is now finally working and I hope it stays that way ..... just started working 15 mins. ago . Thank you very much for all your help ! Just passed 2 levels ...Good luck to everyone else on being able to play !!!!
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