Cannot connect to apps store

Playing candy Crush Saga when I finish a game I cannot use my gold bars to purchase extra lives as the app won’t connect to the internet.

i have tried turning off my iPad and clearing the cache of open apps. I have also update to the newest version of candy crush but still not working.

App will also not connect to internet to allow me to login to Facebook.

any help would be appreciated!


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,027 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi Marion, first please make sure that you have wifi because from what you are saying that it won't connect to your internet I think that's the first problem that needs to be addressed.  Go into your settings and look to see what it is showing on your wifi.  You may have to click on it to choose a network.  If that is connected and it's just a purchase issue, as payment issues involve sensitive data and require personalized support we do not support these queries in the community. You can find the steps to take here:

    Please write back here to let me know if your wifi was connected and then please visit this link because they handle all purchase issues.

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  • Connected to WiFi no problem will have a look at the link thanks

  • Aurora23Aurora23 Posts: 2 Newbie
    I'm usabile to use the store on my iPad Air 2 I'm offered a good deal press to Buy on Candy Crash Saga it will not Connect to Store. So I  loose  a good deal that's on offer!
    Yet I'm connected to WiFi 
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