Problem with cherries on level 315

Lori-28Lori-28 Posts: 4

I have been on level 315 for 3 days and the last 2 days including just now i have noticed when i get a cherry down and it goes out, the amount of cherries you are suppose to get to complete that level (3) are not changing. I just played a game and had 1 left and it was showing i needed 2. I have been screenshoting all these. I'm done playing this game. 

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  • Zara_GralZara_Gral Posts: 6

    Same issue on level 3122 it’s since the latest update.

  • Lori-28Lori-28 Posts: 4

    It's bull crap! What if you actually completed the level and it's saying you didn't. They need to fix it or something.

  • Same problem level 255

  • Ann_PersonAnn_Person Posts: 2

    Same problem here... I actually beat level 685, I think it was, but because the first cherry cleared didn’t get counted and it didn’t give me an extra one I lost and lost all the goodies I had obtained from completing the previous levels in one try. I think King owes me boosters to replace what I lost due to the glitch. 

  • LatenzoLatenzo Posts: 1

    Same problem with the 551, i have used 3 booster and now i post them and the level.

  • Lori-28Lori-28 Posts: 4

    I am so mad right now. I actually completed level 315, got all the cherries, but guess what, said I still had one left to get. I'm so over this game. 

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 211 Community Moderator

    We are investigating to see if there is a technical issue which is unfortunately impacting your game play. Keep on playing as some players has informed that after a few tries, you will pass the level but rest assure the studio will work on improving the levels where one has to collect orders.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience guys!


  • Lori-28Lori-28 Posts: 4

    I should have passed level 315, I got all 3 cherries as required. 

  • Sa_ManthaSa_Mantha Posts: 1

    Same with level 598

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