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Is there anyone out there who can explain this to me?

José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 328 Level 3

With the latest episode that I played (3156-3170), I noticed you've made several changes again. I can understand (although I don't always like it) why you change the number of moves, but I can't understand why you move levels around. Why you change the position of levels at the track. That's just beyond me. What's the goal? I think you're messing up big time. This is really getting out of control. And please don't come up with clear your cache, because that just won't do it. You know it, I know it...

Awaiting your explanation..., and have a nice day (on behalf of a Candy Crush Saga All Help-admin)!


  • Laura_GrosvenorLaura_Grosvenor Posts: 1,574 Level 4

    HI Jose. I am sorry that you are finding this so frustrating. Believe me, the SuperStars are feeling the same way now and I am sure so are a lot of players. I wish I knew why they are doing this, and there has been lots of discussion already about this, but we don't get any answers either. We will be taking this to the Admins tomorrow (Monday) and again, believe me, we have a LOT to say. Please be patient, as there are a lot of issues the Admins have to deal with this week, and they will be slammed with them when they come to work tomorrow. I will personally make sure this issue is addressed as soon as possible though, so we can ease everyone's minds. I have to be honest and say that they may not give us a solid answer, but at least we will know that they are aware of it. Thank you so much for writing to King Care and I hope you have a great day.

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  • Tracy-7Tracy-7 Posts: 368 Level 2

    Hi Jose' !! Sorry this is happening to you, and I really don't have an answer. I do know there are discussions going on about this issue with the superstars, and moderators, because the same thing happened to the Papa Pear levels last week, and we're trying to find out why. I will pass your message on to the moderator so she will know Candy Crush is now doing the same thing. Moderators wont be in til Mon. but I'll make sure she sees it then. Hopefully we'll know something soon. I will let you know here when I get some useful information for you. Thank you for contacting King Care, and letting us know about this issue. Good luck to you, and have a great day !!  

  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,498 Community Manager

    Thanks all for your feedback on this. I am not sure if this was perhaps an error or if they are testing some changes. 

    We are always working to improve our games and player experience so I am very sorry for causing these frustrations. 

    I will be sure to get all of you comments and feedback passed on, thank you for sharing these with the community. 

    Have a lovely week!

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