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Level 3160 is ImpoSSible

AitchAitch Posts: 93 Level 3

We only have 10 moves to try and break through industrial strength steel...Somethings not quite right here! I've thrown everything at it but nothing has worked. H E L P . Tony Mc, where are you??!!

Best Answers

  • Tracy-7Tracy-7 Posts: 368 Level 2
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Everyone !! Just got word this issue was resolved. If you're still having it, let us know, so we can find out if there are some other steps you need to do on your devices to get you back on track !! Thank you all !!  Good luck, and have a great day !!!  :D 

    Accepted Answer
  • Tracy-7Tracy-7 Posts: 368 Level 2
    Accepted Answer

    Yahaaaaaay! Great Minty in the sky-the darn level is completed! Thank you so much for getting it sorted-the amount of moves now make it do able-You are a Star Tracy x Onwards & Upwards x

    Awwww !! Thank you Aitch !! I appreciate that. I'm glad I could help !! We rarely get thank yous, so it means a lot when we do !! Thx again, and keep on crushing !! :D<3
    Accepted Answer


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