LEVEL 3404 problem with cherries

kim-29kim-29 Posts: 3

I have cleared the screen several times only to lose because the last cherries will not show up


  • Steve-18Steve-18 Posts: 65

    After the initial 3 ingredients are dropped from the cannon it appears to work like other levels where it will not drop other ingredients until all of the current ones are collected. Then it will only release one at a time until that ingredient has been collected. And it can take several moves to get an ingredient to drop from the cannon. Is that what you are seeing?

  • kim-29kim-29 Posts: 3

    no i have cleared the screen including first cherries and had 10 moves left and the last 2 cherries never show, 1 will appear when you run out of moves

  • Sorsha30Sorsha30 Posts: 19 ✭✭
    same here, i can't get that last cherry to drop, not sure how many moves i had left, but i never saw the cherry, this is so frustrating :(
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