approach to 4010 - and whether to continue with candy crush

4010 seems to be impossible without playing scores to hundreds of times throwing boosters at it.   For some time I've been "at the end of the road" waiting each week for new levels getting increasingly frustrated.   This level isn't fun.  What I'm going to do it complete my "sugar track" a couple of times a day and try it after each completion.   And if it's not cleared by the time the next levels drop on Wednesday - I think it's time to find another game.


  • knitsafghansknitsafghans Posts: 44 ✭✭
    right  - so having won the Space Race because of the misery of these levels I used a tornado plus other boosters and max space dash to pass.    this really isn't what i found fun about the game though ...
  • ViniLopesViniLopes Posts: 1
    is there any global rank?

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,915 Superstar
    Hi @knitsafghans, I agree with you that these higher levels do require a fair amount of boosters to clear.  I've also always been at the top but my stash is starting to lower and I don't want to use them all up so now I've been taking breaks from the game.

    Hi @ViniLopes, there are no global rankings at all.  The only way that you can check your ranking against other players if you play through Facebook and when completing a level the leader board will pop up showing where you rank amongst your friends for that particular level.  Also if you click on your profile picture at any time you can see the week's ranking of your game.  There are 3 tabs - the first would be related to your profile picture and where you rank in comparison to your friend's ranking.  The second tab will show you your current level and the last time how many levels you cleared in that week.
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