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The Candy UFO is upon us...

Get ready for a close encounter of the sugary kind! The Candy UFO is upon us! All the way from a quiet corner of the universe, the Candy UFO comes as an ally to save your day, so fear not! This new friend shows up for first time in our episode ‘Gummy Galaxy’.


How does it work?

When switched with another candy, it'll destroy the switched candy and replace random candies on the board with Wrapped Candies. The UFO will then leave the board, and the wrapped candies will create a sweet explosion!


How does this mysterious friend interact with other elements in the game?


Give and take: The UFO can be placed under Liquorice Locks, Marmalade, etc., and cannot be activated before the lock has been removed, so you will have to give your new friend a helping hand too!


Boss the bosses: Chocolate cannot be placed on or grow over a UFO, and the Toffee Tornado cannot land on a UFO. If there is a jelly under the UFO when it is activated, it’ll have one layer destroyed.  


Double effect: If the UFO is switched with another UFO the UFO effect will happen twice, i.e. Wrapped candies will spawn, explode, new candies will enter the board and then the process will be repeated.


Booster friendly: If hit by a hammer the UFO will activate. If the UFO is hit by the Sweet Teeth it will activate after the Sweet Teeth have left the field.


Got the moves: The UFO can move through the Portals and Conveyor Belt Portals as normal Candy.  


 You're now ready to make first contact! Go in peace earthling!




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