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Candy Crush Saga: Play Cake Climb!

DanielDaniel Posts: 109 Level 3

The wonderful Berry Baker has spent all day and all night baking the most delicious cake the world has ever seen, smelt, tasted or Instagramed. But in her rush to create cake perfection, she forgot to light the candles! Now the frosting is so slippery she can’t get to the top, that is where you come in!

Berry Baker needs your help! You have 48hrs (from 22:00 GMT on 25/09/15) to light the candles at the top of the cake and if you succeed, the very merry Berry will reward you in the form of boosters and other goodies.

Lighting the candles is simple but it’s definitely not easy; there are three levels to complete and each time you complete a level you light a candle. If you complete three levels in a row Berry Baker will shower you with epic gifts! If you fail a level, you’ll slip off the cake and will have to start right at the beginning, you will also lose a life!

Tips and Tricks

wasn’t joking when I said the frosting is pretty slippery, there are some higher level challenges that you may not have seen depending on how far you have progressed through game! If you’re finding it a little difficult, we’ve got a few gameplay tips to give you the edge.

Level 1

This level is quite simple really, the main thing is to try to break the Cake Bombs on the lower part of the screen, the resulting explosion should clear most of the jelly!

Level 2

This level is a lot more tricky but the same principle applies. First, try to activate the Wrapped Candies located on the middle of the screen without letting them fall to either side of the Cake Bomb, this will remove most of the blockers under the ingredients and give you better access to the Cake Bombs.

Next up it’s time to remove the Cake Bombs, try focusing on removing one at the time, the blast will make it a lot easier to remove the second one! One more thing, under no circumstances should you let the ingredients fall to either side of the Cake Bombs, it is REALLY hard to get them back on track!

Level 3

Now we approach the last level, the beast, the end boss! To beat this level you should look into achieving three things, try to activate the keys, this will open up the Sugar Chests letting lose 4 Colour Bombs, don’t fall to temptation to use them immediately! Here is where part 2 of the master plan comes in, try to make combine the Colour Bombs with other special candies, preferable other Colour Bombs or Striped Candies (but don’t match them with Wrapped Candies, this won’t help you one bit), doing this is your best shot at clearing the Cake Bombs. Step 3 is the same as on the other levels, try to remove the Cake Bombs, also try to time the removal of a Cake Bomb so that you have the ingredient right above it, this will let you score an ingredient right away!

You’ve got the info, now it’s time to ascend the cake and light the candles.

2 days. 3 levels. #CakeClimbChallenge New to Candy Crush Saga, play today!


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