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Candy Crush Saga Booster tips

DanielDaniel Posts: 109 Level 3

Everyone plays Candy Crush Saga differently and we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses. Getting hung up on a level doesn’t have to be the end of your saga; Boosters are a little leg-up that can help you push past those pesky puzzles that frustrate you the most.

If you find yourself up a chocolate creek without a paddle, try the daily treat wheel and get a helpful Booster!

Not sure what each of the Boosters do? No problem, we’ve put together a helpful guide.

Lollipop Hammer

The Lollipop Hammer is super useful at getting rid of annoying leftover candies or blockers; It will destroy a single candy or blocker without using a move. If a blocker has more than one layer, it will only destroy a single layer. The Lollipop Hammer is most effective at the end of levels when you are short on moves!

Swedish Fish

Using this booster will summon 3 Swedish Fish which will then eat Jelly from the game board. This booster is particularly helpful in Jelly levels and, like the Lollipop Hammer, is most effective when used near the end of your level.

Color Bomb

Activating this booster will give you one Color Bomb when you start your level. The iconic Color Bomb is extremely powerful when combined with other special candies. It can eliminate almost every candy on the board when used correctly so this is definitely a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal.

Free Switch

The Free Switch allows you to break the rules a little and switch any adjacent candies without creating a match and without using a move. It’s perfect for setting up that final match you need to pass a level or for creating epic combos!


Smash it with a Candy Crush booster. What are you waiting for? 


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