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Delicious strategies to beat level 92!

Marc_SharkMarc_Shark Posts: 40 Kingster

Level 92 of Candy Crush Saga is quite hard. Or… maybe not? There is a magic formula. We are going to give you the most delicious recipe for success! Are you ready?

Strategy: Goals

We need to get all the ingredients, and we need them now! The main objective of this level is to bring the ingredients to the bottom of the game board in less than 45 moves. Focus on making plays that take the hazelnuts and the cherries down as soon as possible. There is a total of three. Sounds easy, right? Not quite! There are other obstacles that you will have to keep an eye on. Take your time and be patient. You can do it!

Strategy: Avoid stuck zones at all cost

The location of the ingredients is super important! The cherries and hazelnuts can only be brought down if they are in odd numbered columns. Having them in odd rows will make it easier for you to succeed.


Try to make sure that the hazelnuts and cherries don’t get stuck in the stuck zones! It will be really difficult to take the ingredients out of there.

Strategy: Block the blockers

In this level, there are 2 different kind of blockers: the Liquorice Swirl and the Liquorice Lock. Having these two types of blockers together represents a challenge. It can be hard to get rid of them. But don’t worry! Even though they are difficult to clear when they are together, it will be easier once you remove the first blocker. Caution! Liquorice swirls can block the effects of special candies. They must be removed before the Liquorice Locks can be cleared.

Strategy: Sweet timing

So many different candies! There are up to 6 different candy colors. The more colors you have the more difficult it is to make sweet combinations. Take your time when deciding which candy will you flick next. Special candies are really helpful to clear big areas of candy.

Remember! Liquorice Swirls can block the effect of special candy. Try to match special candies and make delicious combinations!

Strategy: Let good luck be on your side

You are almost there! There are some things you can’t control. Ingredients and blockers spawn at random. There is no way to know what is coming next and in which column. Don’t stress out! Cross your fingers and let good luck be kind with you. Focus on trying to avoid making the mistakes mentioned before. If you did everything there is in your hand and played your best moves everything is going to be alright.

Here we have a great example from @Johnny Crush! Take a look at him applying those strategies.

If @Johnny Crush can beat the level, you can do it too! Be patient and practice. Did you follow the steps? Then it’s about time you hit the magic formula for success. Give it a try!

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