5 Years of Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga, the mobile game we all know and love, turns five years old today.

If it were a child, it would have finally stopped pooping its pants, knocking over the furniture and answering every question with ‘why?’

'Put that down, Timmy!'

Together with our players, we have taken a simple, yet compelling, puzzle game and turned it into an absolute global phenomenon.

Here are some of the fantastic highlights both wonderful and weird in the world of Candy Crush Saga from the past five years!


Thankfully the Mayan prophecy didn’t come true, and the world did not come to an end - yay world!

"No, not 2012 we meant 2120."

While the Queen of the United Kingdom celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, King (see what we did there) was busy in the digital bakery, cooking up an app that would change mobile gaming forever!

Later that year, Candy Crush Saga was released on mobile, bringing bite-sized brilliance to the known galaxy and beyond!


By 2013, Candy Crush Saga was starting to take the world by storm. Tiffi and the crew had finally hit the big time and were rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in Hollywood.

Candy Crush Saga’s devious challenge had the actor, Mandy ‘Candy’ Patinkin (Saul Berenson from Homeland), coaching Jimmy Fallon in the ancient Zen art of Candy-kwon-do!

"Remember to use your chocolate sprinkle ball."


In 2014 the Harlem Shake wasn’t the only thing people couldn’t stop doing, Candy Crush Saga’s puzzles proved so engaging that a conservative MP, Nigel Mills, was caught sneakily fitting in a round of Candy Crush Saga during a meeting on pension reforms.


She or He who hasn’t played a level or two of Candy Crush on their employer’s dime, please raise your hand... thought so.

To top that all off, The Candy Kingdom had grown from a small nation state to a relative continent, with the number of people playing Candy Crush Saga, outnumbering the entire population of Australia. Crikey!

"Yes humans, keep playing you precious Candy Crush, for soon the Koala will rise against you and inherit the great continent of Austraila!"


Our minds melted into a fine paste by a dress that seemed to break the very fabric of the universe itself! Was it black and blue or white and gold? No one knows.

You know what else melted? The minds of Windows 10 users who were able to play Candy Crush Saga as a native app on their PC’s for the first time. Candy Crush Saga had joined the illustrious company of Minesweeper and Solitaire as the lords of preinstalled software.

Office workers across the world rejoiced, while frantically alt-tabbing between Candy Crush Saga and an Excel spreadsheet as the boss walked by.

"Oh no boss, It's not Candy Crush Saga, that's just what Excel looks like these days."

We discovered that like any other intense physical activity, playing Candy Crush Saga required proper stretching and warm-ups - especially if you wanted to avoid the dreaded 'Candy Crush thumb!'

Cheekily, what had previously been called 'BlackBerry thumb' was relabelled due to the staggering number of people playing Candy Crush Saga! Remember, keep those thumbs nimble.


What a year! Stranger Things kept the world awake as we collectively binged watched the whole show in the evening! Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar and Candy Crush Saga finally reached 2000 levels.


This year Candy Crush hit the big and small screen. We had a hilarious television show hosted by the charismatic host with the most, Mario Lopez.

Moviegoers also sat on the edge of their seats as Gene from The Emoji Movie, battled to escape a Candy Crush Saga level to save the rest of his expressive pals!

Oh yeah, and Candy Crush Saga turned five freaking years old! Pop those bottles baby because it’s party time!

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