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Candy Crush Saga : Teaching a bold frog new tricks!

Bobcat_BobBobcat_Bob Posts: 12 Kingster
edited March 2019 in Level Help & Tips

The Candy Frog is a greedy glutton and will gobble up candies! With a little guidance, it will help you chomp your way to your goal.

Getting the most of the candy-craving croaker might take a bit of practice, but with some care and coaxing, the frog could prove to be the perfect pet.

The Candy Frog will make it's first visit in level 606 and will eat any candies it’s matched with by color. It will sit and patiently wait for you to drop down or move the candies within reach that will help fill it up.

Once it’s full, it will be fat and circles will radiate circles to let you know it’s ready to use its special power.  Tap/click it and you can move it to another part of the board!  Once it hops to your chosen spot it will change color, so you’ll be able to collect a different type of candy in its new position. 

You’ll be able to keep filling the frog with candies and moving it each time it’s full.

If you create any striped, wrapped or color bomb candies and combine them with the frog, this will change the appearance of the frog and give the frog that power for the next turn. 

The only time you might lose sight of the frog, is if it gets covered in chocolate – but keep a look out for its eyes, as you’ll see it peeping through the chocolate so you can keep track of its position.

Pro-Tip: Beware of keeping the frog close to top of the board, as it could block the cascade of candies from above, so choose the position it jumps to and it will help you get out of any sticky tricky situations!


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