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Tiffi's solution to the puzzle of 2049 in Candy Crush Saga

Bobcat_BobBobcat_Bob Posts: 12 Kingster

Have you ever played a level and reached the target score, but you didn’t move to the next level?

There’s nothing more deflating than your efforts being dashed after hitting that target, so it’s possible there’s a second criteria which you may not have considered.

Level 2049 is a level where there’s two goals you’ll need to meet to grab that vital star (or three) and move on up the map.

What should I be looking out for? 

With level 2049 you’ll notice there’s also a banner with Mr. Toffee advising you to reach the score using a set number of moves.  Seems simple enough right?

Unlike other levels where you're aiming for the total score within the number of moves, the banner advises you that you'll need to use all 30 of the given moves.  

But wait, there’s pesky bomb candies dropping into the levels!   

So what should I do? 

  • Match the candies to aim for the target score.
  • Make sure you match any bomb candies before they reach 1 (because when they get to 0, your level will be over).
  • Make sure you use all the moves until the move-counter reaches 0.
  • Match candies to make wrapped, striped and color bomb candies, which you can use and mix to keep the board clear and remove the cake tin blockers early.

Keep these three rules in mind, and say goodbye to the level and power-on up the map!

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