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Beating the Candy Bomb levels in Candy Crush Saga

Bobcat_BobBobcat_Bob Posts: 12 Kingster

Matching candies can be a relaxing and peaceful moment.  Sit back, unwind and thoughtfully match your way through some soothing sweet scenery.

But what's this upsetting the serenity?! It's a dreaded candy bomb.  It drops it’s way in from the top of the screen, baring it’s countdown number and suddenly intensifying the level.  Now every move you make, is going to have to count!

But don’t be daunted by the ticking tormentors.  With a few nifty tricks, you can make sure they don’t crash your candy crushing.

What can I do?

When a candy bomb drops in, be sure to make a mental note of the counter number shown on it.  If it starts with ‘5’, you’ll have five moves to remove it.  This is because you’ll have the moves from that number down to number one but no further.  If you let it reach zero it’s already too late as the level will end.

What about the number of moves I have?

In most cases you’ll need to pass the level while making sure no candy bomb reaches 1 (as '0' is too late and the level will already be over) - however sometimes there’ll be a level that very specifically tells you to use a set number of moves.  These are shown as a banner before the level begins like this...

In this type of level the challenge is to make sure you use ALL the moves, before the level will end.  This is made tougher when candy bombs are dropping in each time you make a match.  After all, you want the level to be over as early as possible, but now you have all those moves to take!

But this can easily be done, provided you consider these a few rules...

Tips to beating the bombs

  • Make sure you check the number on the candies as they drop in, and consider where they’ll be on the board as the number drops.
  • Make sure to focus on the candy with the lowest number on it as priority, as this is most likely to halt your progress.
  • Clear as much space as possible if there are blockers like chocolate, licorice or cake tins on the board. This will give you extra room to create striped/wrapped candies to reach the candy bombs.
  • Remember that cascades and blasts that clear large quantities of candies will likely bring in new candy bombs, so sometimes making smaller matches or not causing cascades might be a good tactic to keep the risks lower.

Now, get back to the relaxing fun and don't stress about those tricky tickers!

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