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Tips and tricks to beat level 2447 in Candy Crush Saga!

Marc_SharkMarc_Shark Posts: 40 Kingster

The final goal of this level in Candy Crush Saga is to collect 3 ingredients and clear 62 Jellies before running out of moves. Try focusing your attention on bringing down the Ingredients. By the time you are almost done with the Ingredients, all the Jelly will be almost cleared. 

There are five colors in this level. Therefore, creating Special Candy should be easily doable. Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities to make as much Special Candy as you can. 

Try not to combine Special Candy as soon as you have them. It might be worth it to hold on to them and combine them with other special candy to maximize the collateral effects of it. Sweet!

In this level, you will find that Wrapped Candy and Striped Candy combine really well and can be very useful towards your objective. If timed right, it can help you clear a big area of the board in one swipe. If you are lucky you might hit the Bobbers in the center of your display, which will release a Swedish Fish that will swim around and hit a random spot on the board.

 If you are almost done with the ingredients and there are still some Jelly Blockers laying around, try hitting the Bobbers instead of matching candy and wasting turns. Let the Swedish Fishes do the dirty work. Divine!

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