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Piggy bank gold bars only 30??

rosebenderrosebender Posts: 1
Why did my piggy bank drop from 60 to 30 gold bars when full, but price remains the same as when I got 60?!?


  • dipseydipsey Posts: 1
    And why has the price of 100 gold bars increased from £9.99 to £14.99.? That is me finished buying extra. That increase is disgraceful
  • RuthyjRuthyj Posts: 3
    Also on the Facebook fan page someone told me they still have the 60 gold bars option whereas I only have 30 for the same price. It’s absolutely shocking. Is this how you treat loyal players.
  • PattyapolloPattyapollo Posts: 2
    edited December 2018
    Halving the piggy bank reward is terrible. Along with increasing all of the gold bar and package pricing. And how many people ever hit the jackpot during tha spin?  I will use up what I have accrued and the delete the game. Probably not a big deal to you guys; I’m only at level 2195. 
  • sdcattlesdcattle Posts: 1
    well, i'm done buying.  Guess they are counting on us not realizing how much things cost now.....what a jump in prices
  • RuthyjRuthyj Posts: 3
    Jim level 2708 and starting to get fed up. I will not be buying more. 
  • PattyapolloPattyapollo Posts: 2
    My goodness. It didn’t take them but a day of limited play to demote me to Salty Planet. It is pay to play. Very interesting. 

  • btstun20btstun20 Posts: 1
    I used to buy the full piggy bank of 60 bars at least 2× a week, but since they lowered it to only 30 bars, I have not bought my piggy bank in over 2 months and will not until they change it back. No more money from me!
  • pmazcommpmazcomm Posts: 3
    All of a sudden you only get 30 gold bars instead of 60 for the same price. Why would you do that to loyal players?  Not making enough. I won’t be purchasing going forward. You want to squeeze money from people then support them advancing in your game. 
  • pmazcommpmazcomm Posts: 3
    Yep gold bars reduced to 30 for same price of 70
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