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On the daily spin the arrow clearly stopped on the jackpot. Just next to the coconut wheel. It gave me the coconut wheel not the jackpot. This is the second time this has happened. Last time they told me it was almost impossible to hit the jackpot so I must have been mistaken. I have screenshots to prove it.  C'mon King! 


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 10,955 Superstar
    Hi @Miss_Piggy_2, did you, by any chance, take a print screen showing this as proof?  It's not impossible to hit the jackpot but it's not that often that it will happen.  I have seen a couple of players reporting the same thing as you but they need proof showing where it stopped and what you got.  If you didn't do a print screen this time, then please make sure to take one if and when it happens again.  Then I can elevate it to the Community Manager to help you.
  • Miss_Piggy_2Miss_Piggy_2 Posts: 4
    Yes I have a screenshot. I put it on Facebook but don’t know how to put it on community.king
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 181 ✭✭✭
    If you need help posting a screenshot here in the community @Miss_Piggy_2, I can help! To post a screenshot or photo into a community forum, look for and click the icon that looks somewhat like a mountain 🏔 near the top right corner of your comments box. From there, click “choose files” and select the screenshot from your photo library. Just give a minute or so to upload, and you’re all set🤗! I hope this helps you with your issue! Have a sweet day😁
  • vic3000vic3000 Posts: 2
    Please is there any tricks on how to hit the jackpot on the daily spin? 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 10,955 Superstar
    Hi @vic3000

    The Jackpot is comparable to winning the lottery.  It really comes down to luck and chance as to where it will stop.  Although you might be discouraged because the spinning wheel never landed on it, please keep in mind that you can always win a free booster when playing the Spinning Wheel daily and it’s free! 


  • vic3000vic3000 Posts: 2
    @ Elsa
    Alright thanks 
  • Miss_Piggy_2Miss_Piggy_2 Posts: 4
    Here are the screenshots. 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 10,955 Superstar
    Hi @Miss_Piggy_2 thanks for the print screens.  I will forward your message to the Community Manager but she won't see it until Monday.  Not sure what she can do for you but I'd like her to see the print screens.
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