4065 any ideas of how with no boosters too hard

knitsafghansknitsafghans Posts: 44 ✭✭
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Any clue on how one might tackle this level with no boosters?    My view is that it’ll take adjacent color bombs plus luck/some hammers.  Not fun.  


  • Julie_EversonJulie_Everson Posts: 70 ✭✭
    I give up playing this game.  I was pissed off at level 3975 when they took all my sugar drop boosters away, and I haven't been able to restock them adequately. I continued to play begrudgingly, knowing one more bs move would be the end for me.  I'm pissed that so many levels need fully loaded space ships. Which wastes my time continually going back to level one, repeat it 7 times only to not pass some of these ridiculous levels even with a space ship.  How boring to go back to level 1 again to keep reloading, waiting for luck.  I've never been this bored.  Even collecting sugar drops...boring...repeat same levels every day to get a couple measly candies.  Now level 4065, the videos shows most of the licorice as celophane wrapped instead of totally blocked, well the totally blocked ones are so much harder to unlock.  Ridiculous, they always change the board set up.   I'm done wasting time.  I preferred playing up to around level 3000 when I didn't need space ships and extra boosters and a zillion switches and hammers.  I find the need for loaded space ships and extra boosters a form of cheating.  I'm not into that.  I don't need to play a game where the probability of winning involves a high percentage of cheating...fudge your luck..no sense of accomplishment..thats just not for me.   And your continual changing the board from what is shown on youtube is ludicrous...unnecessary.   signing out permanently..on to something more enjoyable.   Good luck to all that enjoy bashing your head on a brick wall. 
  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 8,226 Superstar
    Hi @knitsafghans @Julie_Everson thanks for posting. Yes, levels can be very hard from time to time and the struggle is real. Why don't you try watching videos on YouTube? Here is one of them, it might give you idea how to approach this level 

    Have a great day and keep crushing 🍭
  • Julie_EversonJulie_Everson Posts: 70 ✭✭
    I already watched the videos and mentioned the video shows the licorice being covered with celophane, which would have been easier to open up.  They changed it from celophane to having all the licorice totally locked up which is harder to free up.  And no video is there for the changed version.   So I had enough and uninstalled the game.  I have no plans to reinstall.   I'm done with the game.   Try the new version if ya don't believe me, video that without boosters...and count the number of lives used before ya get that lucky board.  This game no longer provides enjoyment.  Sorry, but I honestly feel they have ruined the enjoyment factor of the game.  Over and out bro!   
  • Terry_CoxTerry_Cox Posts: 7
    I was lucky and passed 4065 before the board was changed to locked licorice.  I went back to try again because of multiple complaints in our CC Wednesday Club that it is undoable without full space dash and extra boosters.  The reason these people are complaining is because they cannot get space dash or it's equivelent on their device.  I have complained to King, but no response.  This particular level does appear to be undoable the way it is now.  Can someone please fix it so our players can advance.  Thank you.
  • Marnia24Marnia24 Posts: 4
    I agree with Julie_Everson. The game is no longer enjoyable. It's only an exercise in frustration and not worth it. At this level, the games are too hard or impossible like level 4065. King do you want people to stop playing Candy Crush?
  • Terry_CoxTerry_Cox Posts: 7
    Firebombmarkus,  The video you are showing is not the current game.  I passed your version, too, but folks are now getting a version with locked licorice that isn't easily removed.  The people that I am trying to represent don't have the Christmas Stocking, Build a bot or whatever, so the board is extremely tight!   Go back and make a video of the current board without boosters for them.
  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 8,226 Superstar
    Hi @Terry_Cox I understand what you say. It's not me who made this video, they are made by random players just like all of us and posted to their YouTube channels. It could be useful for you to read this 

    I didn't reach that level so I don't know what's happening there. Let's ask our Community Manager @QueenMia maybe she is more familiar with this issue.

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,442 Community Manager
    Hi guys - Thanks for flagging this @firebombmarkus.
    I'll leave this to our Candy Crush CM, @Cezdiamond as she will know better than me since she's taking care of the Candy Community :) 

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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,943 Superstar
    Hey guys, I just retried the level with the locked licorice and was not able to clear it.  Just tried it a second time and I am no where close to unlocking the licorice.  I am going to forward this message to the Community Manager to see if the studio will make some kind of change.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,943 Superstar
    Hi @Cezdiamond can you please have the studio look at this level and make some kind of change.  They totally changed it from the videos online where now all the licorice is blocked and I just played it twice and came no where close to unblocking them, let alone clearing them.  

  • SusanGaGuSusanGaGu Posts: 8
    Elsa said:
    Hey guys, I just retried the level with the locked licorice and was not able to clear it.  Just tried it a second time and I am no where close to unlocking the licorice.  I am going to forward this message to the Community Manager to see if the studio will make some kind of change.
    Yes please do, played about 50 times, used so many boosters and can't even make a dent.  A nice stress reliever game is turning to a stressor. Hope they realize this.
  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,509 Community Manager
    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for your feedback on this level, I will pass this on :) 

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  • Terry_CoxTerry_Cox Posts: 7
    Firebombmarkus, Thank you for response.   I did read your link and I believe I do have patience.  I am not sure why you are commenting on a level you haven't reached.

  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 8,226 Superstar
    @Terry_Cox I just had intention to be polite and help yo by passing the issue on to our Community Managers. Enjoy your day 😊
  • SusanGaGuSusanGaGu Posts: 8
    Any updates or changes yet? Wasted a whole bunch of boosters last night when I thought maybe one last shot and I would try and played the level again! Pulling out my hair!
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