Pinata question on level 3991

akerschenakerschen Posts: 6
edited December 2018 in Support
On level 3991 I have gotten the pinata twice.  Both times when it cleared the board it is still showing that there are bombs left to clear when there are not.  Therefore, once the pinata is detonated and bombs do not spawn on this level, it is impossible to win with the help of the pinata.  I would have won the first time it happened.  I have included a screen shot showing no bombs on the board but two left to gather.  What gives?  Am I missing something?


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 11,949 Superstar
    Hi @akerschen, when I just looked at the videos there were 20 bombs to clear and all 3 videos showed them being cleared.  So what you are saying is that you used the pinata to clear the board right?  Then all 20 should have registered.  Have you tried it again since then?  Please try it again to see if you can get all 20 of them. No one else has reported this yet as a glitch.
  • brchk2brchk2 Posts: 1
    Same thing has happened to me. 
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