Daily Boost Spinner - Gone!

I've noticed that the spinner has been gone for a few days. How do I get it back? It was my main source of boosters....


  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,567 Superstar
    Hello @YKitty2004, and a warm welcome to our wonderful community! Anyway, if the booster wheel is gone, the first thing to check would be if your internet connection is working properly. If there is an internet connection problem, then the booster wheel will not work properly, or may even fail to appear at all. The second reason for this could be that King has temporarily or permanently removed the feature for technical or other reasons. I hope this helps you, and have a great rest of your weekend😁🍭
  • YKitty2004YKitty2004 Posts: 5
    Hi @Joseph45 ;
    Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I did check my internet connection and it seems to be working fine. Hmm....If King has removed the feature, I hope they will bring it back soon! Have a great weekend :)
  • YKitty2004YKitty2004 Posts: 5
    It's back now :) thanks
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