Why are there more levels on Windows 10?

You'll find Candy Crush Saga on so many platforms nowadays which also means that we have more than one platform to develop and keep updated.

Even though you now can play the game almost everywhere, this means also that the amount of available levels can vary between the devices and platforms.

We try to get out all new levels on all platforms as soon as possible, some of them will always be ahead with new levels while other devices are still behind. It's a bit tricky to keep all devices updated the exact same date.

All devices will get all new levels eventually, but if you are out of levels on your device and eager to play more, the Windows app on Windows 10 PC:s usually is a bit a head with new levels. Simply click here to download the game to your Windows 10 PC: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/collections/king_games
By connecting the Windows app to your Facebook you'll have the progress synced to the Windows app.

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