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Most Hardest, Evil Level You've Played To Date

SpacePhoenixSpacePhoenix Posts: 57 Level 3
What's the hardest, most evil level that you've played to date? For me it's level 1334 with the rate the screen can fill up with chocolate with the bottom row being all Magic Mixers


  • dynamic66dynamic66 Posts: 2 Newbie
    For me, it was level 1853. All 6 colors of candy are on the board, need to get 49 jellies (most of them with multiple levels of frosting) and not many moves possible because of the way the board is set. On top of that, there are plenty of mystery candies, so that level is so unpredictable. Took me a week to complete it.
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  • pajaritopajarito Posts: 81 Level 3
    I think I ran with luck, so far none has taken my sleep. but it will come. and I'll be crying.  :3. Grettings.  B)  
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