Level 4194 - lost without making ANY moves!

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I got levels 4191-4205 today (I'm playing on iPad). This was already a bit surprising, as I got 30 new levels on 2 January and new levels normally appear only once a week. Well, I happily started playing and got to 4194. I had the full Season's Stocking, plus three boosters. Launched the level; a short flash on my screen, and a message that there were no moves available, I had not gathered the necessary order, and I had lost the level. I DID NOT HAVE THE CHANCE TO MAKE ANY MOVES WHATSOEVER. This really is a new low for King. I'm ready and willing to lose levels due to my own stupidity/errors, but NOT when I do not even have the chance to do one move! Plus this is theft, pure and simple. I lost the three boosters due to no fault of my own. Of course my Season's Stocking also got reset to zero, so now I have to work to get it back. And I now have a level I have lost! The last level I did not succeed with the first try was 4079 (that time was 100 % my fault). So I had a nice line of golden crowns whch has now been spoiled. What is the point in creating levels that the player can lose without making any moves at all??


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    Hi @SagaR, did you see either of these error messages?  This is something new that a couple of players reported this past week.  They are getting that message when there aren't enough orders to complete the level.  The first one was for collecting 15 chocolates.  The game only starts out with 10 so if you clear them immediately, which we all love to do, then there is no way for them to grow again.  That was the reason for the message so the answer was to let them grow enough to collect all 15.  Is this the problem that you had in your game?  I never saw an error message when it first opens.  If you get it again, can you please do a print screen and post it here so that I can find out what happened to your game. 

  • SagaRSagaR Posts: 173 ✭✭✭
    Hi Elsa, thank you for your reply. No, it's not that with me - Level 4194 requires the player to clear 73 jelly squares, plus to collect 15 red candies and 15 yellow candies. There is no chocolate. I have in fact been caught by the chocolate thing in the past (one of the few times I have not completed a level at first attempt) so now I know to pay attention and make sure to let the chocolate spread as required. But as mentioned, it was not the case here. In my case, the game simply placed the various elements so that it was not possible for me to make even one move; it was an instant loss. This is most likely a clitch but of course definitely should not happen as it is totally unfair.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,383 Superstar
    Hi @SagaR, do you remember when there used to be a bag that would shake all the candies and then drop them on to the board?  Maybe this is kind of replacing it.  It doesn't shuffle but ends the game instead.  Did you try playing the same level again and did it happen again?
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