Level 4035

Patlily53Patlily53 Posts: 6
20 moves makes this an impossible level.  Noticed it used to have 28 moves which still makes it quite difficult but I think passable.  Why was this changed?  Can it go back to 28 moves?  I am ready to call it quits.


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 16,032 Superstar

    You can read what Queen Mia wrote about this here:  https://community.king.com/en/bubble-witch-saga/discussion/246404/level-changing-not-getting-the-same-amount-of-moves-as-your-friends-or-as-on-videos#latest

    If you see videos online showing more moves, this is the reason.  The videos are outdated because the video creators make them when the levels are first released.  The studio monitors all levels when they are released and they check to see how many players clear a specific level and how long it takes for them to clear it.  If it's too easy or too difficult they will "tweak" the levels a bit.  The video creators can't keep up with the studio changes so you are still only seeing the first video release.

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  • John_PrudenteJohn_Prudente Posts: 8
    I agree this level is impossible with just 20 moves and using all 3 boosters. Maybe with a coconut wheel, but not available.  its a hard level, but still can't pass it.
  • Patlily53Patlily53 Posts: 6
    Finally got thru this one using the party booster.  Level 4038 is another impossible level.  I’ve been on it for almost a week now and not even close 
  • edmo1640edmo1640 Posts: 39 ✭✭
    King is making this game less and less fun. They are making it worse. It’s not fun spending 20 times on a level and not being close to clearing it. 20 moves for this level is not fun. I love how all the blogs say we’ll make more combos - you can’t unless the board cooperates
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