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Build a Bot boosters available for previous levels

AlleriAlleri Posts: 23 Level 2
edited February 2019 in Tiffi's Idea Library
Please keep the build a bot etc boosters available to players waiting for new levels. As it is, we can't participate in a lot of the challenges & contests. Now that the build a bot boosters aren't available for replayed levels, there's no incentive to play until new levels are released. Please reinstate the boosters for everyone! 
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Declined · Last Updated

In testing, our game Studio detected a flaw in the design of the Build-a-Bot, which meant it delivered outside the way it was meant to work. So that the overall design and difficulty was kept intact, our engineers worked to put things right. This fix meant that the ability to play use Build-a-Bot on earlier levels was disabled. This is not how the feature is supposed to function, so this will not be returning.



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