Candy Crush Saga Level 4245

Level 4245 is impossibly difficult as there are too few moves available. This is not graded as a difficult level but it is in fact very difficult to get started with the popcorn/colour bomb that starts it all off . There are simply not enough moves. I think this needs tweaking


  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,520 Community Manager
    Hi @David_Steer welcome to our community! I am moving this thread to level help and tips so that other players can see your question and help you out :) 

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  • dwwallacdwwallac Posts: 3
    So true , impossibly hard level should be rated nightmare. I only got thru via pure luck and boosters. Lucky  to have stripped and warped booster that landed next to each other , then fluke an extra 15 moves on free spin - of which I needed 7 of those moves to win. King need to reassess this level and add more moves
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