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Dear CC developers 
I think your mandate to provide fun and addictive casual gaming is no more. Here's what wrong with your game . 
1)Boosters are hard to come by. My game on face book is stuck on day 1. so all i get is a stripe and wrapped candy.
2) Build a bot is no more . Except for certain players. If it is available for certain players then t can be available to all. So what I've been reading about your replies telling people that build a bot has a problem and may not come back is a lie. 
3) Build a bot limited peoples spend at the candy shop so you stopped it because it was not financially in your favour but i bought gold at the candy store even though I had build a bot. 
4) As games go, difficulty level has to increase but your games have become so difficult that  you have to spend a fortune to pass a level.
5) The fish are useless they go for boosters instead of jelly.
6) You change the rules and games and boosters every week. so instead of logging in and feeling at home i feel like i'm a stranger in my own home.
7) Levels are so hard that they even have one labelled "nightmarishly hard" guess who is going to  have a nightmare when players  leave?
and lastly i suggest that KING games closes shop as you no longer provide fun and enjoyable games 


  • I am now so frustrated and stressed out with level 1136 that i am trying to now delete the game to end my frustration. I now only have 3 friends left all the others have given up.
  • I am 73years oid and i now feel like my brain is being punished instead of being exercised
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