How to pass level 2005 with only 12 moves?

Hints show 50 moves on level 2005. I only get 12 moves. Impossible !


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    Hi @Rozie43 and welcome to our adorable Community 😊 The studio is always working to make levels more challenging and fun. Therefore, they might tweak levels a little bit if they are too hard or too easy for players. If you see the videos with 50 moves, they were probably recorded as soon as they were released.

    I will post below the video for this level with 12 moves. I absolutely agree that some levels look impossible but don't give up. Watch the video and it might give you an idea how to approach this level. If it doesn't help, take a break for a day or two. You would be surprised how many times it happens that you just finish the level when you come back. I hope this will be helpful to you. Have a wonderful day πŸ€—

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    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I lost all my bonuses.  Now it will even be harder. Maybe I need to give this game up completely 
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    Hi again @Rozie43 Just for the record, when you reinstall the game or change the device you lose all the boosters. This happens because they are stored on our device's memory and this way we can reach them even when we are offline. I am sorry this happened to you. We recommend reinstalling the game only as a last resort if nothing else helps. Now, I know it is unpleasant but it's nice to know for the next time when it occurs. Thank you for your understanding. See you around the Community 😊
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    The only way outside is inside. Namaste πŸ™πŸ»
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